Trail distance: 5, 3 kilometers 

Elevation min: 236 meters, max: 452 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 222 meters, downhill: 231 meters
Difficulty level:       Easy
Time:   2, 5 hours

Markings:   white/red/white ?


This is a short warm up hike with little up and downs which gives the opportunity to visit the picturesque village of Buhal with its nice narrow cobbled roads and traditional houses. The hike offers stunning views towards Vjosa river and the mountains of Bredhi i Hotovës National Park. From the village center the trail leads to another part of Buhal where are still some houses standing but no people living there.  Nice to visit in Buhal village are two old churches and a house which is culture monument.

The trailhead is at the junction (WP 1) approx. 250 meters before reaching the church along the dirt road. The beginning of the trail is wide and offers nice views into the village, river and the mountains of Bredhi i Hotoves. The trail enters a little gorge and one has to leave the wide trail for turning off left off left (WP 2) on a narrow mule path which crosses the stream.

At the fork few hundred meters further the trail follows left (WP 3) and the trail becomes wider. After a while we reach a water source (WP 4) and the trail leads us to an abounded village (WP 5).

From the abounded village the trail follows west along a water channel which is not in use anymore. Turn right at the forks of WP 6 and 7 (follow the water channel). After the fork of WP 7 the trail descents to an inviting meadow to rest for awhile and from here one can either chose to go a little bit upstream into an old oak forest and replenish the water at the water source (WP 8) or follow the trail along the dried up stream (Sep. 2012) to finish the hike at the dirt road (WP 9). From here one can walk to Permet along this dirt road which is not in use by vehicles.

UTM waypoints:

  1. 34 T 440751 4455862, trail head, 235 m
  2. 34 T 440746 4455428, turn off left, 289 m
  3. 34 T 440956 4455435, follow left, 294 m
  4. 34 T 441309 4455355, water source, 335 m
  5. 34 T 441453 4455408, old Buhal (abounded village), 351 m
  6. 34 T 441607 4455516, turn right, 391 m
  7. 34 T 442049 4455213, turn right, 396 m
  8. 34 T 441775 4454501, water source, 449 m
  9. 34 T 442554 4455284, dirt road, 259 m

Gryka e Këlcyrës – Limar – Mbrezhan