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Consortium Pro Përmet



pro permet logo 1CESVI Organization,  with the collaboration of its institutional and local partners ( Municipality of Permet, The Organization for Preservation & Development of Gjirokastra, DBUMK, Development of Mountains Area Forume) within the project Enhancement of the Pёrmet Tourist environment and its typical products” , has made possible the creation of the Consortium "Pro Përmet”. This Consortium is a voluntary association among entities active in the sector of tourism and accommodation, agro-food procedures, voluntaries, entities of artisanal activities that operate in Përmet District, Këlcyrë and other Communes.

The members of SHBR “PRO PËRMET”,  are collaborating especially to promote the territory, development of tourism through the promotion of typical products, agro and handicraft products , the development of accommodation such as  hotels, restaurants and environmental preservation.

If you are interested to know more about “PRO PËRMET” you can download the files below: 

- Pro Pёrmet Statute

Pro Pёrmet Power Point presentation



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