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Producers of Pro Përmet

Producers of Pro Përmet

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Producers LocationProduction sector
Poultry "Kaso" Përmet Poultry sector
Apiary "Male" Përmet Apiculture sector
Winery "Atos" Përmet Winery sector
Winery "Bualioti" Përmet Winery sector
Cheese Factory "Bunker" Këlcyrë Manufactory
Cheese Factory "Ndoni" Këlcyrë Manufactory
Hotel "Alvero" Përmet Hotel services
Manufactory Gliko "Almeg" Përmet Manufactory
Manufactory Gliko "Bonjo" Përmet Manufactory
Restaurant "Antigonea" Përmet Restaurant services
Embroidery "Naqellari" Përmet Handicrafts
Restaurant "Edjon" Përmet Resaturant services
Restaurant - Bar "Amel" Përmet Restaurant & Bar services
Winery "Bejko" Këlcyrë Winery sector
Winery "Iljarë" Përmet Winery sector

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