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Festivals and Events

Festivals and Events

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Cultural and religious celebrations in the district of Permet





25 March


Festival of Sulltan Novruzit

14 May

Piskovë – Ali Postivan

Festival of Ali Postivan

20 May


Bektashi Festival

21 May

Piskovë – Lipë

Festival of St. Elenës

25 May


Naim’s day

25 May


Frashëri Brothers day

Mid June


Wine and Multicultural Festival

20 July

Piskovë – Bual

Festival of St. Ilias

26 July

Carshovë – Kanikol

Festival of St. Pandelimon

5 September


Bektashi Festival

21 November

Petran – Bënjë

Festival of St. Mary

6 December


Festival of St. Kollit




Every year a Wine Festival is organized, including all of the wine producers and growers' associations in the district. The Forum, in collaboration with the Municipality of Përmet, the Department of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection, and MADA, is one of the main organizers of this activity to advertise local producers and promote local specialties. The purpose of this activity is to promote socioeconomic development through the promotion of the private sector, to increase production and improve the quality of wines and local food products, and to create opportunities for the agricultural food industry. The event is attended not only by producers of Përmet, but also by representatives from various cities throughout Albania. In 2009, in collaboration with Oxfam, 23 producers from around Albania were represented in Përmet, featuring products of their respective sectors (wine, food, and typical local products).  Additionally, various activities were held throughout the event, including tastings, art and music exhibitions, competition for quality wines, and conferences on issues of viticulture and wine production in the Albanian market.  The festival also highlights other local products such as gliko, white cheese, and raki. Also during this period, usually the 2nd to 15th of June, the Municipality of Përmet organizes the Përmet Multicultural Festival, where cultural traditions of Përmet district and other participating districts are highlighted. This festival features folk art groups from Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece and Albanian cities such as Gjirokastra, Saranda, Korça, Tepelena, and Vlora. On May 25th, the Municipality of Përmet organizes a cultural event for "Naim’s Day", honoring the great poet Naim Frashëri. Poets from Përmet and around Albania participate, and activities are held while children recite poems of Naim Frashëri.

Some moments from the wine festival




In this place the most famous religious event is "San Padelimoni", held on July 26th. The celebration is organized by the Orthodox Christian community in the village Kanikol, and is attended by residents of Çarshove, Petran and other members of local religious communities (Muslim and Bektashi). During the festival there are religious dances, songs and a delicious banquet.




On November 21st, the village of Benje hosts a celebration for the religious festival of "St. Mary of Benje." This celebration involves the entire Orthodox community from the area of Çarshovë, Petran, and Piskovë. During this festival, all the people gather at midnight in the church because, according to popular belief, you can hear a rustle caused by something "invisible".




This area exhibits an intertwining of religious festivals, from both Muslim and Orthodox Churches. In particular, on May 14th, the Bektashi community in the teqe of the Alipostivan village organizes a festival which gathers a large number of people from all over Albania who feast from dawn until sunset. In this same region the Orthodox community also celebrates the festival of St. Mary of Kosina, attended by many believers from the towns of Piskovë, Petran, and Këlcyrë.



21 May – Feast of Saints Helen and Constantine (Patron Saints of Lipë)

Moments of prayer and meditation

The Feast of Saints Helen and Constantine takes place in a sacred site, a rocky part of the mountain of Dhëmbel, above the village of Lipë. Attendance of the event dates back approximately to the year 1600, but the original church was destroyed in 1967 by the atheistic communist regime.  After the church’s destruction, believers continued to attend this place secretly; in 1999, nearly a decade after the fall of the communist regime, villagers decided to rebuild the church.  Initially they suggested a more appropriate place, since it had previously been located in a very rugged and rocky area; however, residents were dissuaded from the project after a strange light appeared in the place where the church was originally built. Therefore, guided by the light of St. Helen, they rebuilt the church in the same place where it had been destroyed decades before.


Special features of the event:
•    a religious ceremony takes place in nature;
•    the distribution of blessed bread.

Special features of the location:
•    holy water that drops from a height of 20 meters, every day, from the top of St. Helen’s rock;
•    the custom of Lipë residents to go to this holy place the day before and spend the night dealing with details of organizing the event.

The collection of the holy water

Vespers begin at 8:15 in the morning, followed by a mass celebrated by the priest of the village, ending at 10:15. After the celebration, the priest invites the believers to receive the blessing with a special ritual. During this ceremony, blessed flowers are distributed to those present that bear the names of Helen and Constantine. Many people from the District of Përmet participate, as well as pilgrims from the other Albanian cities and several young people; in particular, there is wide-spread participation of believers from other religions. To reach the church you pass the old stone village of Lipë (to this point the route is viable with vehicles, beyond here it is necessary to continue on foot). Many young people choose to leave earlier and go the entire way on foot, however the Municipality of Përmet provides free transportation to Lipë from 6 to 8:00 am. Once in Lipë, continue on foot through the alleys of the village. Toward the exit from the village there is a small source of fresh water, where pilgrims stop for refreshment and supply with water. Climbing further up you can enjoy beautiful views of the Vjosa Valley and of the City of Përmet. Returning from the mountain, the inhabitants of Lipë offer drinks to pilgrims in the courtyards of their houses to celebrate together. There is a traditional belief that women who eat almonds from the tree situated near the church receive the gift of fertility.

Time required:
•    approximately 15 minutes by car from Përmet to Lipë + 1 hour on foot from Lipë to the church;
•    approximately 2 hours on foot from Përmet to the church.


Difficulty of travel: normal




On May 25th each year, the Commune of Frashër organizes a cultural event to honor the Frashëri brothers. This date is dedicated to the birth of the great poet Naim Frashëri (born in 1846). The day is also a remembrance of the great patriots Sami and Abdyl Frashëri, Mithat Frashëri, and the League of Prizren.  The event is attended not only by local residents, but also by local authorities and the central government (Ministry of Culture, the League of Writers, deputies, etc.).



25 May Festival of Frashëri brothers


A moment of celebration

This cultural festival honoring the Frashëri brothers has now become a national celebration, is organized every year in the village from which they have taken their surname. The event is held in the lawn facing the house where they were born and raised. Approximately 40 years ago the house was converted into a museum so that everyone may have the opportunity to visit and experience how the Frashër family lived. The village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of hills and the mountains of Kokojkë, Miçanit and Golikut. The road to the village is unpaved but can be crossed by any type of vehicle, although not during the winter. The route offers fantastic panoramic views and picturesque stone villages encountered along the way, with the beauty of the Dhëmbel Mountain in the background. A few kilometers before arriving in Frashër, visitors pass through the national park "Bredhi i Hotovës," which is known as the breath of Southern Albania; the park has a variety of plants and wildlife.

Special features of the event:
•    involvement  of the young people in the event;
•    movement of the event from the Museum House to Teqë Baba Nasibiut and Baba Alushit;
•    the participation of Albanians from Kosovo and Macedonia.

Special features of the location:
•    the forest station is a unique two-story stone building;
•    a resting place with a fresh water source along the road to the National Park of “Bredhi i Hotovës".

Scientific conference in Teqe

May 25 is the date of birth (May 25, 1846) of one of the brothers, the great Renaissance poet, Naim. Also honored on this date are his two brothers, Sami and Abdyl Frashëri, famous for their outstanding contribution to the national movement for independence of the country. Participants come from the district of Përmet and other parts of Albania, as well as from Kosovo and Macedonia.  Others in attendance include authorities from local and central government, known poets, professors, and students.  In the lawn of the house museum, with a statue of the three Frashëri brothers in the background, guests remember their lives, work and great contributions given during the Albanian Renaissance.  After the ceremony, students from Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia recite and read some of the many literary works of great poets, left as a precious heritage for the people.  Also presented are  works devoted to the Frashër family, written by various Albanian and foreign authors.  After this reading, visitors are free to visit the interior of the museum where they may read old Persian and Turkish manuscripts of Naim Frashër.  Additionally, they can view the statue of the three brothers, family photographs, and some of their paintings which show historical events influenced by the brothers. In Teqë Frashëri, the house where Abdyl Frashëri brought together the Assembly of the League of Prizren's branch for Southern Albania has been restored; in this location, a Scientific Conference is organized.  Songs and dances of the area increase this special atmosphere.

Time required:
•    1 hour and 40 minutes by car from Përmet, 40 km

Difficulty of the route: normal

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