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Lipë – Church of Shën Elenë

Lipë – Church of Shën Elenë

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 Lipë – Church of Shën Elenë

            Trail distance:
 3.4 kilometers (round trip)

Elevation min: 532 meters, max: 849 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 317 meters, downhill: 317 meters
Difficulty level:  Easy
Time:   2,5 hours

Markings: white/red/white ?


This is a short hike to the Church of Shën Elenë, a place where many people, mostly from Përmet go, there on 21st of May. The chapel located in very steep cliffs and the hike offers good views towards Vjosa valley.

The hike starts at the church in the entrance of the village, takes right (southwest) towards the village and then left at the first junction on a narrow village cobbled road. Turn left again at the next junction leaving the cobbled road for taking the upper trail where is a water source for cattle. Approx. 80 meters before reaching the water source, take the ascent right at the junction (WP 2) towards the big cross that one could see it from here. Having reached the big cross where a water source is next to it, take the ascent right (west) on a visible trail and enter an iron door after approx. 400 meters. Take right at the door and the trail starts to have cliffs in our left and small caves. After approx 300 meters the trail reaches the chapel.

UTM Waypoints

  1. 34 T 443511 4453261, the church of Lipë, 532 m

  2. 34 T 443299 4453086, junction, 572 m

  3. 34 T 442977 4453104, cross, 750 m

  4. 34 T 442634 4453137, iron door, 806 m

  5. 34 T 442454 4453012, the church of Shën Elenë, 849 m

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