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Circular hike: Leusë – Dhëmbel – Lipë – Leusë

Circular hike: Leusë – Dhëmbel – Lipë – Leusë

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 Circular hike: Leusë – Dhëmbel – Lipë – Leusë

Trail distance: 15, 2 kilometers
Elevation min: 333 meters, max: 1,660 meters
Cumulative height uphill: 1,367 meters, downhill: 1, 367 meters
Difficulty level:  Moderate
Time:   8-9 hours
Markings: white/red/white ?

This curricular hike is following a mule challenging trail that regularly used by shepherds. It climbs steeply from the village of Leusë to the Dhëmbelit pass, follows the northern slope of Mount Dhëmbel on a good trail with breathtaking views and after that it descents steeply to Lipë village. From here the trail descents very gently back to village of Leusë.

From the village of Leusë to Dhëmbel pass this hike follows the trail no. 4. From the highest point of the pass (WP7) take right following the ascent northwest on the northern slope of Mount Dhëmbeli. After approx. 500 m (WP 8) is a good point with easy gradient to leave the trail and take the crest for whom that want to climb the summit.
Our trail follows a gentle ascent and reaches a shepherd hut after awhile (WP 9). Having passed this shepherd hut, the trail starts to lose height, passes another shepherd hut located in a nice meadow (WP 10) after approx. 1 kilometer where a sheep pond is close by and after this it follows straight (northwest) in the direction of a big stone (WP 11) that you can see from the hut. The stone makes a good shade in sunny days thus makes an inviting place to rest awhile. From here you can get the most dramatic views of the Mount Dhëmbeli where the upper part changes from grassy, in the beginning, to very rocky.
From the big stone follow the descent initially east until you will reach a good trail (WP 12) after approx. 200 m that follows steep descent northeast in zigzags. After awhile the trail reaches a ruined building that used to be cheese dairy from the communism time (WP 13). Taking left the upper trail for approx. 300 meters from the ruined building you can find drinkable water in the entrance of a cave that is in a cliffy dried up stream (WP 14).
From the cheese dairy the trail follows steeply northeast in zigzags and enters in cornel trees after approx. 1.5 kilometers (WP 15). Following northeast in a visible trail, you will pass a cattle pond in few hundred meters and after approx. 300 meters take left at the junction (WP 16) and then walk down in the direction of the big cross where a visible trail will take you down to the village.
The way back to Leusë is along the trail no. 3 (Lipë – Leusë – Lëshicë).
For heading back to Leusë you don’t need to enter through the houses of Lipë and start the walk at the WP 1 of hike no. 3. From the upper trail before entering the roads of the village (WP 17) take right following the trail that has a water source after some meters and joins the trail no. 3 in approx. 500 meters near the cattle pond (WP 3 of hike no. 3).

UTM Waypoints
7 34 T 443324 4450332, pass, 1423 m
8 34 T 443062 4450648, to the summit, 1567 m
9 34 T 442602 4450768, shepherd hut, 1655 m
10 34 T 441954 4451446, shepherd hut, 1593 m
11 34 T 441597 4451763, big stone, 1561 m
12 34 T 441815 4451796, trail, 1509 m
13 34 T 442021 4452080, ruins of cheese dairy, 1329 m
14 34 T 442021 4451883, water source, 1357 m
15 34 T 442572 4452693, cornel trees, 909 m
16 34 T 442979 4452936, junction, 771 m
17 34 T 443302 4453101, Lipë 602 m


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